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Details Estate-Planning-Basics

In order to make estate planning as painless as possible Nolo presents Attorney Denis Clifford's new handbook Estate Planning Basics.This book provides concise straight forward and easytoread explanations of the major components of estate planning so ...

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Details Real-Estate-Valuation-Theory-Research-Issues-in-Real-Estate-Band-8

Real Estate Valuation Theory is organized around five categories of intellectual contribution to the whole-appraiser decision making and valuation accuracy, application of nontraditional appraisal techniques such as regression and the minimum-variance ...

64,58 EUR*
Details Real-Estate-Economics

'Real Estate Economics' explains the most important issues in UK and international real estate in terms of applied economics. It includes examples and data from property markets around the world, summaries of recent research in real estate issues, and ...

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Details Global-Real-Estate-Investment-Trusts-People-Process-and-Management-Real-Estate-Issues

As real estate investment trusts continue to grow exponentially in Asia and Europe - being already well established in the USA and Australasia - a comprehensive guide to the issues involved in REIT property investment decision making is badly needed ...