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Details The-Correspondence-of-Alfred-Marshall-Economist-3-Volume-Set-The-Correspondence-of-Alfred-Marshall-Economist-Volume-2

The Correspondence of Alfred Marshall, Economist: v. 2 This is the second of a three-volume work constituting a comprehensive, scholarly edition of the correspondence of the English economist, Alfred Marshall.

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Details Lute-Taylors-Chip-Basket-Lectures-Essays-Addresses-Editorials-and-Public-and-Socialectures-Essays-Addresses-Editorials-and-Public-and-Social-Correspondence-1874-L-Correspondence-1874

Lute Taylor's Chip Basket Lute Taylor's Chip Basket: Lectures, Essays, Addresses, Editorials and Public and Socialectures, Essays, Addresses, Editorials and Public and Social Correspondence (1874) L Correspondence (1874)

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Details Revolutionary-Correspondence-of-Governor-Nicholas-Cooke-1775-1781

[ Revolutionary Correspondence of Governor Nicholas Cooke, 1775-1781 Cooke, Nicholas ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2011

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Details The-Correspondence-of-Charles-Darwin-Volume-3-18441846

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin: Volume 3, 1844-1846: 1844-1846 v. 3 This is the third volume of the complete edition of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin. For the first time full authoritative texts of Darwin's letters are available, edited ...

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Details Charlotte-Lennox-Correspondence-and-Miscellaneous-Documents

Charlotte Lennox This book collects for the first time the complete correspondence of the eighteenth-century British author Charlotte Lennox. Full description

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Details Works-Correspondence-of-David-Ricardo-Volume-02-Notes-on-Malthuss-Principle-of-Political-Economy-Works-and-Correspondence-of-David-Ricardo

David Ricardo and T. R. Malthus shared an endearing friendship despite a contentious divergence of opinion on many political economic issues. This volume contains the formal remnants of their differences. Ricardo analyses, issue-by-issue, his points ...

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Details Colonel-Fitzwilliams-Correspondence

Colonel Fitzwilliam's Correspondence Witnessing his cousin marry for love and not money, as he felt destined to do, Colonel Fitzwilliam refused to himself to be jealous. He did not expect his acquaintance with the Bennet Clan to change that. Catherine ...